The Remembering of the Magic in Your Heart

The Remembering of the magic of

your heart is the most important journey

you will ever take.

We see you.

Seven years ago my teachings of magic began in the form of women's circles. We've all heard the saying 'when women gather, magic happens' and I found in this sacred time of sisterhood a ripple effect was being created. Not only were the practices life changing, creating a platform for other women to lean into and share their magic was a phenomenon unfolding before my eyes.

As my career expanded and I began speaking and teaching around the world, a deep seeded desire to connect my magical community from across the globe was born, and thus, The Remembering took center stage.

The intention of The Remembering is to circulate an abundance of wisdom, spiritual practices and intuitive tools that work to support people in living their highest expression of love and magic. This membership platform is here for you to integrate magic into your daily, connect with like-minded witches* from across the globe & circulate your craft. Join us for full and new moon rituals, dark moon discovery, plant ceremony, sound journeys and so much more...

It's Time to Meet Your Heart to a Greater Depth Than Ever Before

It's time to put your heart on your altar and join our community that will meet you there.


It's just a good time, let me say that!

"This is for you if you want to get witchy, learn magic all from home. I love watching the rituals online after they've been posted in my bathtub. The Remembering teaches you how to tap into your own essence.

It's helped me to deepen my love for myself and trust the whole universal process. I love the sense of humour that we have in the calls & it's just a good time, let me say that!"

- Rachael Cherry; Nurse, Reiki Practitioner & Massage Therapist at Realign With Rachael

Here's How The Remembering Can Nourish Your Life

I created The Remembering so you could have the magic of circular community right at home with you - so you can tap in and receive at anytime, on any day. The greatest key to living a magical life is to have incredible tools that work AND community that supports you expressing at your most magical self while you put your heart first.

Each month we host a full moon ritual, magical book club & release a dark moon teaching, whilst celebrating the wheel of the year as we move through the seasons & welcome special guests (maybe even you?) to share their gifts and be celebrated in their fullness.


Celebrate 8 traditional rituals that honour our transit through the year and learn how to incorporate a more connected integration of magic into your lifestyle. Honour the land you live upon AND your ancestors in these timeless journeys.


Discover the power of tapping into the lunar cycle at its peak energy each month. Guided rituals, meditations & connection circles that will take your practice to another level happen here, held by yours truly & magical guests.


Witches, we are going to church; it is all about consciousness, love and magic. Each month you will be anchored into a layer of your own remembering to support you in living in the magic of your heart. Each month Ellie hosts this sermon to encourage you to reflect and honestly examine a premise in your life.


Every month in The Remembering, we join together over our favourite warm brew to delve into powerful word alchemy. This is for all the witches with the pile up on the bedside table of epic reads that require a touch of accountability & all the witches who want to cosy up for a magical tale.


When you sign up for The Remembering, you also get access to The Cauldron Online Course. Learn the tools to anchor into your magic, and create a life powerfully aligned with your soul. Journey through thirteen powerful modules at your own pace to discover how to discover a home in your craft.


Celebrate the beginning of each new cycle as we let go of that which no longer serves us and learn how to craft our ideal practice in the month ahead. This is our time to honour the cycles within, spend time with ourselves and immerse ourselves in the energy of our beloveds in our household, all whilst learning magic from the comfort of the hearth.


Receive gifts from other magical community members or become a guest presenter as you fully claim your own magic. Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming circle host training & seize the opportunity to take centre stage and share your heart.

"For the first time in my life I have a community I can completely reveal myself to, and at the same time, completely choose how much I express, and it's all okay. I have never felt more at home in my gifts than I do now. Thank you, thank you, thank you. To Ellie and to every single person that makes this space the space it is. "

Membership Options

"Witch Flix" The Silver Circle

Our Entry Level Membership

The Silver Circle is for you if you want to experience all the magic of the container without having to show up for the calls. Have all the content ready to press play and binge all of your favourite ritauls, spells and more!

This is for you if...

  • You want to soak up all the magic month to month (book club, new moon rituals and meditations, full moon rituals and circles, guest witch sessions, wheel of the year sessions and more) from the comfort of your couch, altar or bath without having to jump on any calls

  • You want to watch Witchflix rather than be in the live show (be a ghost in the space and binge us like you do your favourite Netflix series)

  • If you live in a different timezone (or the wild timezone of your children) and would love to receive the benefits without the pressure of attending live (our calls are scheduled in GMT +8).

Only $13.99 AUD/Month

The Remembering Live+

Our Next Level Membership

The Remembering plus is for the ritual witches! Experience everything the silver circle has to offer but gain access to attend all the events live, online with our magical community.

This is for you if...

  • Attend all the calls live and gain the benefits of immersing yourself in our global witch community.

  • You want to suggest or request content directly from our Head Witch

  • You want to come to our Live ‘Remembering’ Sessions where I will be channeling an energy update and answering guidance questions month to month

  • Includes everything in the Silver Circle membership

Only $19.25AUD/Month


It doesn't matter if you are a bonefide circle-goer and witch or if you've never had or shared a ritual practice ever before,

The Remembering is overflowing with practices, tools and opportunities to expand your magic from any level.

If you would love to move past your fears of not fitting in with community, The Remembering is for you.

If you would like to awaken the ancient codes of magic within you, The Remembering is for you.

If you would like a magical accountability to connect with your nature and the moon, The Remembering is for you.

& it's not just me. The Genius Witch Collective is a community to call home.


  • Paige Mirco, Joy Catalyst and teacher of Synchronise Me

  • Adelle Davis of Adelle's Heirlooms (herbal and tarot workshops)

  • Selina West, artist and creator of Weaving Worlds (ethereal sound medicine journeys)

  • Mystic Blanca, Healer & teacher of the Light

  • Romina Lee, Women's Embodiment Facilitator & Professional Mermaid

  • Rosalia Mostafa, Women's Rites of Passage Guide & Magdalene

  • & More

Become A Heart-led (Genius) Witch

To join the coven and immediately access our online portal (which you can cancel anytime), click the button below!

We can't wait to make magic with you.

With Love,

Ellie Deighton & the Genius Witch Collective


Welcome to the space in between worlds.

A place for you to unravel,

expand into the edges of your universe,

to take air into every fibre of your being,

A place for you to claim your orgasmic birth rite,

for you to shamelessly roll around in wealth,

for you to learn to trust your inner voice.

A space,

for you to remember.

What is The Remembering?

The Remembering is a space for you to access the natural magic that is abundantly around and within you. In this container you will be invited to receive your own heart over and over again in our live events, recorded masterclasses and special offerings each month, as well as in our online membership portal.

Receiving in the container is this anchoring of the heart. They are receiving themselves in the container.

The Remembering is a space to call home, where you can fully be yourself and remember the essence of who you are.

"If you want to go fast, go on your own but if you want to go far, go with others."

What is the Genius Witch Collective?

The Genius Witch Collective is what we call our gender inclusive, magical community of members from all over the world. We LOVE this name because it highlights our togetherness (Collective) and also our unique gifts and talents (Genius). We're excited to include your genius in that! 

Can I share an offering in The Remembering?

We would LOVE to hear your suggestions of what it is you would like to share with the community. You can apply to share in our space via email to with details. Providing a platform for others to share their magic is one of my (Ellie) favourite ever things! Come connect with our community and if you feel at home here, we'd love to provide a stage for you. 

Our first value and priority in The Remembering is heart-led community, so please keep connection (not marketing) in mind. 

Note that this perk is only available for Remembeirng Plus members.

What if I have nothing to offer to The Remembering?

The Remembering is a space for you to receive your magic, connect with your inner wisdom and anchor in your heart. If all you do is receive, receive, receive in this space, you will come to find that even your presence is such a gift to our group heart.  Consider this your reminder that you are the gift. There is nothing you have to do to prove that. 

Can I nominate a book for book club?

Absolutely! We are always open to suggestions in our community space, in our email inbox ( and at the end of our book club sessions every month. We love hearing of the books you've been loving and if you are an author (or the friend of an author) we'd love to hear of your heart's creation! 

What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel anytime! You have the power! To cancel fill in the form here and we will do the rest. Your membership will remain active until the end of the month that you have paid for.

Is there a minimum commitment to The Remembering membership?

Nope! From the moment you join us, you can cancel anytime (and you'll even still have access to the end of the month you last paid for). 


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